MOME PoC Incubation Program

We have great news! The MOME Innovation Center has launched its first Proof of Concept (PoC) incubation program.

We are offering MOME students and staff an opportunity to develop their creative ideas and plans into successful business ventures. Our incubation program provides financial support and mentoring.

Curious about the benefits?

Our incubation program offers several free benefits to help you get your creative concept and business creation off the ground:


Receive personalised advice from an expert mentor on technical and business aspects.


Receive financial support for equipment, materials, prototyping, research, and other related costs.


Learn and grow through collaborative learning experiences and knowledge sharing.

Dedicated space
for co-working

Refresh your mind and creativity by switching environments and working from our co-working space on campus.

Key milestones of the
incubation program.

12 April 2022 (24h00 CET)

Application Deadline

14 April 2022

Announcement of Results

29 April to 29 July 2022

(first stage)

29 Aug to 30 Nov 2022

(second stage)

The primary aim of the incubation program is to help develop innovative ideas, concepts, innovations, and research results generated at MOME. We seek to reach new milestones in product or service development and testing, and even to attract the attention of professional investors.

Application Form

The application period is closed.

For more information, please contact the Knowledge Transfer Centre:


Most frequent questions and answers

It will be a bi-lingual incubation program to ensure that it is as inclusive as possible. All the pitch presentations and reports submitted by participants in the program need to be in Hungarian, unless you are an international participant. Our weekly contact sessions and peer-to-peer learning sessions will primarily be in Hungarian, unless there are international participants and mentors, in which case it would be conducted in English.

Yes, it is possible to apply as an individual. It is preferable to have project teams apply to participate in the incubation program. However, it is important to mention that individual applications will be evaluated in the exact same way as team applications.

Yes, it is acceptable provided that at least one member of the project team is a MOME citizen at the time the application is submitted.

Yes. A free co-working space will be made available on campus for all participants in the incubation program. It is located in the MOME Innovation Center in the UP building in room U_302, and will be available during specific timeslots for all the participants in the incubation program.

Each project will be paired with an appropriate professional mentor based on the specifics of their project and the needs of the team. The mentors could be industry specialists, research experts, business development experts, and expert trainers and coaches, for example. We may also pair a project with an experienced MOME alumni.

Due to the overall investment and funds provided to the participants in the incubation program, it was decided that the intellectual property (IP) will be shared between MOME University and the participant(s) in the incubation program. The exact ratio of the split in ownership of the IP will be negotiated between the participants and the university at the end of the first pre-incubation phase.

A project idea or concept is considered to be published if it has been previously shared in a public domain or platform, thus affecting the ability to register the associated intellectual property. It therefore includes, but is not limited to, published articles, reports, social media posts, catalogues, brochures, newsletters, or even university presentations (including thesis presentations).

If you would like more clarity about whether your project idea or concept was published or not, please contact us at:

Yes. Towards the end of the incubation program in autumn, participants will be given an opportunity to showcase their projects and pitch their ideas to VC’s who may be interested in investing in the projects, with the aim of taking them to the next level. The MOME Innovation Center will facilitate this process and ensure that participants in the incubation program have direct contact with VCs.

Our orientation session will take place on Friday, 29 April 2022, followed by the first weekly contact session on Tuesday, 3 May 2022, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Both sessions are obligatory and will be in person. Thereafter, the regular meeting days for the contact sessions will be agreed by the participating group, based on everyone’s availability.